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September 5, 2013

Happy 7 Months to Dizbaby

Dear Dizbaby,

13lbs and seven months ago you came into this world bearing joy and magic that you continue to spread into our lives. The days of your alien sounds, bassinet sleeping and waking up hungry every other hour are long gone and behind us, as are the tummy time tantrums and subtle, uncoordinated movements you'd make when you were just figuring out what this weird place called home was all about. We were just getting to know each other back then but I already loved you immeasurably. These days you are exploring every corner of your room, reaching and grabbing for any glimmer that catches your eye and eating new foods while trying to get a taste of mine. It seems like it was only yesterday your daddy was calling the "new parent  hotline" to figure out if it was normal for you to be so hungry and eat as much as you did. "Feed him as much as he wants" they said, "keep feeding him," they said. Now you outweigh your cousin who is twice your age and you're barely fitting in clothes sized for 9 month olds.

And now that you are a big boy seven monther that turns every object into a drum and insists on nonstop bouncing, the fun has just begun. Your hair is turning out to be just as wild as you are and your smile lights up the dark and melts my heart. I cant wait to see where we are a year from now as the journey of your childhood continues. 

Happy seven months baby Dylan!

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