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September 25, 2013

Father and Son

My son is a funny little fellow. Since he was a fresh baby newborn I had a hunch he preferred daddy over mommy. I would spend all day caring after an unimpressed and lazy Dylan but the second dad came home from work he was suddenly all smiles, lit up with energy and eager to impress Pops. Dad still has this effect on Dylan only he has kicked it up a notch and is displaying favoritism more than ever.

Dylan hasn't said "mama" in months. Though it was his first word, the second dad heard it he began coaxing Dylan into saying "dada," which he picked up instantly and has been repeating non-stop for way too long. I have gotten sick of being called dada (especially when I'm changing his diaper) and explained to my husband that if he said "mama" to Dylan, he'd probably say it too. It was just a theory but now it's a proven fact. My husband only had to say "mama" to Dylan a handful of times until POW! It stuck. Really Dylan? I have been trying to get Dizbaby to say my name for weeks and Dad spends two minutes repeating "mama" and now he's been saying it for three days straight. 
Perhaps it was wishful thinking but I always assumed little boys preferred their moms. Well, not mine. My little big boy is Team Daddy all day and though I think it's a testament to what kind of father my husband is, it's really annoying that Dylan constantly looks to, crawls to and smiles exclusively for daddy. 

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