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September 12, 2013

Dylan Knows What's Coming

Seven months old is proving to be a great age. Dylan is extremely giggly, entertaining, and curious. He is picking up on routines and can anticipate what's coming based on what's happened before. For instance, when I am trying to distract him from the fact I'm putting him down, I'll ask him if he's ready to have some fun. I proceed to count to three, which is when something fun is supposed to happen. Perhaps he'll get a tickle, perhaps his mamaroo swing will turn on, or maybe he'll get a toy- whatever it is, there is always something grand at "three." He's picked up on this and by merely asking if he wants "to have some fun" he becomes giddy and awaits for the count. Before I even reach "three," he is already squealing and laughing. Dylan's ability to recognize patterns cautions me to be mindful of my behavior because he is clearly keeping a close eye on what mom and dad are doing and I want ensure that I'm not displaying behaviors that I wouldn't want to see in him. After all, babies are pretty sophisticated.

My little big boy has become a master eater thanks to my mom, who has taught him important keywords while feeding him throughout the day. He understands it's time to eat when we ask if he wants "yum-yum," and he will move in on the spoon and take bites when instructed to "open." These keywords are extremely helpful and I feel very lucky to have my mom caring for Dylan while I'm at work. She is 100% devoted to his well-being and gives him all the attention he needs to facilitate positive development. I couldn't ask for a better situation and I am a very happy, lucky ducky that can't wait to see what she teaches him next. I love you mom!

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