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September 4, 2013

Clever is Better

The strangest thumping sound was emitting from the baby monitor this morning and my husband quickly went into Dylan's room to see what the commotion was. I was running late to work following a thirty minute pumping session (I am getting so sick of those) and I peeped in the room to check it out for myself. There was Dylan, half asleep and pumping his legs up into the air and pounding them down on the mattress. We both started cracking up at our little weirdo baby who has been doing the most peculiar things lately. We left his room to let him wake up and suddenly there was complete silence. I thought he might have fallen back asleep so I crept to his doorway to check things out. Instead of a sleeping Dylan there was a sitting Dylan reaching up in attempt to pull down his crib mobile. He spotted me and contorted his head to get a better view between the crib bars and gave me a wide grinned smile once we made eye contact. Naturally, I swooned. 

One of my favorite things that Dylan has been doing lately is trying to see around objects by moving himself to get a better view. He used to think when something was out of sight it no longer existed but he's caught on to my hiding tactics and will turn corners and look around to find things. As he becomes increasingly clever so do I. Though he may realize the cell phone he so desperately wants to eat hasn't disappeared and is in fact being covered by my leg, he is still easily distracted and I use that to my advantage. Sorry Dylan but you have a long way to go before you outsmart your mommy.

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