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September 18, 2013

Bubble Wrapping Baby

Yesterday Dylan's grandma and grandpa came over to visit and spoil him rotten. They brought a bouncer that as of this morning, Dylan has already begun exploring. He really loved the extra attention from grandma and was all smiles as she held him on her lap and played with him. The two of them together is a sight to see, they speak their own language filled with growls and grunts. I love when she's with him because she makes it a point to speak Spanish and I really, really, really want a bilingual baby. My husband speaks Spanish fluently and I speak at a beginner’s level but neither of us speaks it enough for Dylan to recognize so we need to step our game up and start the Spanish speaking habit. 

Dylan is still determined to scare mommy.  Since learning how to crawl he has favored the carpet and has been careful not to set foot onto the hard tile that starts at his doorway. Unfortunately for me, last night my little big boy worked up the nerve to cross that border and began traveling on the tile with confidence. Within minutes of his first tile experience he felt at ease and realized it would be a great idea to use his hands for standing instead of for crawling. NO DYLAN! PLEASE STOP! My paranoia is on high alert and I can’t seem to get the fear of a cracked head out of mine. I’m happy dizbaby has his sights set on walking and continues to push the envelope but at the same time the potential for injury is a cause for concern that I think would best be cured by bundling him up in bubble wrap.

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