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September 27, 2013

Is 2013 Really Almost Over?

There's a chill in the morning air that can only mean a new season is amongst us. I look forward to autumn and winter every year but as a new parent I am especially thrilled to partake in all the "firsts" that will accompany the upcoming holidays. Dylan may not realize all the love and excitement he brings to our family and surely he wont recall trick-or-treating, Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas morning, but that isn't the point. I will cherish the memories we make for the rest of my life in the same way I cherish the moments we live everyday. I can't wait to create new traditions for the little boy that has made my life feel so abundantly full and special. Here's to embarking on the end of a fabulous year with my very own baby boy!

September 26, 2013

Fun and Games

Dylan has a new favorite game he likes to play that some would refer to as spitting. Dizbaby has realized (thanks to his dad) that his lips not only make a funny noise when he holds them together and blows, but they also super soak everything within a foot of him. Apparently my family thinks it is adorable and encourages the spit fest by taking part in the fun themselves when Dylan gets going. Yesterday I was in the middle of a conversation with my mom when he decided I needed a shower and spat all over my face. I don't want to be a party pooper but the novelty has worn off and blowing spit everywhere is not my idea of cute...okay maybe it's a little cute. Being covered in Dylan’s drool is nothing new and it’s actually pretty harmless compared to the other new game he likes to play: bite and scrape.

Now that my little big boy is a two-tooth wonder he likes to put his teeth to good use by scraping them on things. I first noticed over the weekend when his toy hammer was missing paint in long, thin lines. I tried biting the hammer myself to determine how easily the paint would come off but I was unsuccessful in putting a dent in it. I don’t know how it’s possible that Dylan can make fifteen marks and I can’t make one but his determination isn’t slowing down. This morning Dylan had mysterious brown specs covering his mouth and after putting two and two together it became apparent that he’s been having a field day chewing on his crib rail. He thinks biting is all fun and games but it’s giving me good reason to be concerned for his little teethies. Therefore, it is an official family mission to get a bite guard for his crib. I refuse to let his wild child antics get in the way of a good time. The spitting I can live with, the biting? Not so much.

September 25, 2013

Father and Son

My son is a funny little fellow. Since he was a fresh baby newborn I had a hunch he preferred daddy over mommy. I would spend all day caring after an unimpressed and lazy Dylan but the second dad came home from work he was suddenly all smiles, lit up with energy and eager to impress Pops. Dad still has this effect on Dylan only he has kicked it up a notch and is displaying favoritism more than ever.

Dylan hasn't said "mama" in months. Though it was his first word, the second dad heard it he began coaxing Dylan into saying "dada," which he picked up instantly and has been repeating non-stop for way too long. I have gotten sick of being called dada (especially when I'm changing his diaper) and explained to my husband that if he said "mama" to Dylan, he'd probably say it too. It was just a theory but now it's a proven fact. My husband only had to say "mama" to Dylan a handful of times until POW! It stuck. Really Dylan? I have been trying to get Dizbaby to say my name for weeks and Dad spends two minutes repeating "mama" and now he's been saying it for three days straight. 
Perhaps it was wishful thinking but I always assumed little boys preferred their moms. Well, not mine. My little big boy is Team Daddy all day and though I think it's a testament to what kind of father my husband is, it's really annoying that Dylan constantly looks to, crawls to and smiles exclusively for daddy. 

September 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Opa!!

Today is the birthday of a very special person...my dad! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! We love you! I'm so lucky to have you for a dad and even luckier that Dylan gets to have you for an Opa. May you stay forever young.

Weekend Overload

My last post about the weekend being jam packed proved to be an understatement. The weekend was CRAZY busy! We woke up on Saturday knowing that once we left the house for Lily's baptism we wouldn't be back until much later that night so we prepared as best we could with lots of food, diapers, clothes and toys for Dylan then crossed our fingers and hoped that he would be a good boy throughout the hustle and bustle. 
The baptism was short and sweet. Lily looked like a little doll and behaved like an angel.  I expected a big scream from her when the priest poured holy water on her head but she took it like a champion and didn't let the chill get in the way of her special day. From there we went to her birthday party which turned out to really be a cute baby convention. There were so many kids and little babies there that my head was throbbing with baby fever. Dylan was on his best behavior and let anyone that wanted to hold him get a little time in. He also took a much needed power nap before we headed to Oktoberfest for my older sister's birthday celebration.

By the time the evening rolled along our luck with Dylan’s good behavior had ran out. Oktoberfest was fun and we were able to stay a couple of hours but Dizbaby was exhausted and desperately wanted to go home and quite honestly, so did I.

The next day we woke up at 5:30 a.m. for the 5k race for the cure breast cancer walk and Dylan was not a happy camper. All the activities from the previous day had made him one angry baby. Somehow we made it through the walk but it wasn't easy and we didn't make it any easier by taking him to breakfast afterwards to meet up with my sister and father-in-law. 

Once we got home it was game over. Dylan was upset and decided to punish us for all the bouncing around. I can't blame him because the jet setting life is no life for a baby. Dylan loves being home in his element where he has room to crawl around and explore without needing to be held and restricted. I learned my lesson and will not overextend myself anytime soon. Dylan's fuss was entirely avoidable if only we had listened to him. It was the first time I ever thought, “I can’t wait for this weekend to be over.” And now that it is, I can’t wait to make it up to him with slow-paced quality time next weekend.

September 20, 2013

Hungry, Hungry Hippo

As a newborn Dylan was eating at a 9 month old level and blew the mind of both myself and his pediatrician who had never heard of such a thing. My husband and I were concerned by Dylan never feeling full and at one point we called the new parent hotline to see if it was okay to stuff his face like he was requesting. All the nurses and doctors assured us it was okay and insisted that we give him as much milk as he wanted and to not stop until he was satisfied. A few months later his pediatrician told us we were likely stretching his stomach and we should try feeding him less so that his stomach could return to a normal size. This annoyed me and I continued to feed Dylan to his heart’s content. 

Now, at seven months he is drinking exactly what he should be and it's been a while since his eating habits have been excessive or surprised me. That is until last night when Dylan ate an entire 3.5 ounce pouch of Gerber Organics. Normally a pouch of food lasts 2-3 days but dizbaby would not give it up! He was whining and pouting after each bite, opening up his mouth for the spoon that wasn't coming quick enough for him. According to Dylan, there's no problem with speed eating baby food. I’m glad he's a good eater and doesn't seem to take after his dad who is as picky as can be, but at the same time I don't want a fatty brat that yells at me for not rapidly stuffing his face into a food coma. But regardless I got the memo:  FEED ME OR ELSE!

September 19, 2013

These Are The Salad Days

My little baby love was so cute yesterday. Dad had to work late and didn't make it home to see him before I put him down for the night and I'd like to think Dylan noticed because around 7 o'clock he began saying "da-da" repeatedly for the following hour. Dizbaby continues to stand on anything he is able to push up against and I'm doing my best not to freak out and hover over his every move though I'm fairly certain I'll have gray hairs and a twitch soon.

I'm getting excited for the weekend because it is right around the corner and jam packed with plans. Normally I like to take a less is more approach to my time off and plan very little (if anything) but no no no! This weekend we have my niece Lily's baptism and first birthday party, my older sister's birthday celebration at Oktoberfest, and the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure breast cancer walk.  It's unbelievable that my niece was born almost a year ago and will be promoted from baby to toddler. I remember getting the message that she was born so vividly and holding her in the hospital when she was just a tiny little gem of perfection. Pretty soon the holidays will come and go and Dylan will have a year under his belt too. Time was molasses when I was pregnant and now it's a stream of water that wont stop flowing. Can't someone turn off the sink for a minute while I try to absorb some of these precious moments?

September 18, 2013

Is It Halloween Yet?

How is it possible that my son is not scared of this terrifying prop at my mom's house?

Bubble Wrapping Baby

Yesterday Dylan's grandma and grandpa came over to visit and spoil him rotten. They brought a bouncer that as of this morning, Dylan has already begun exploring. He really loved the extra attention from grandma and was all smiles as she held him on her lap and played with him. The two of them together is a sight to see, they speak their own language filled with growls and grunts. I love when she's with him because she makes it a point to speak Spanish and I really, really, really want a bilingual baby. My husband speaks Spanish fluently and I speak at a beginner’s level but neither of us speaks it enough for Dylan to recognize so we need to step our game up and start the Spanish speaking habit. 

Dylan is still determined to scare mommy.  Since learning how to crawl he has favored the carpet and has been careful not to set foot onto the hard tile that starts at his doorway. Unfortunately for me, last night my little big boy worked up the nerve to cross that border and began traveling on the tile with confidence. Within minutes of his first tile experience he felt at ease and realized it would be a great idea to use his hands for standing instead of for crawling. NO DYLAN! PLEASE STOP! My paranoia is on high alert and I can’t seem to get the fear of a cracked head out of mine. I’m happy dizbaby has his sights set on walking and continues to push the envelope but at the same time the potential for injury is a cause for concern that I think would best be cured by bundling him up in bubble wrap.

September 16, 2013

Teething Bites

Dylan must have heard me singing him praises lately because on Friday night his behavior began to shift into annoying mode. My solid sleeper took me back to his his newborn days and woke up three times throughout the night. His screams were so random that I thought he must have seen a ghost in his room. Come Saturday morning my husband suggested what should have been obvious to me, he's teething! I admit I am pretty embarrassed that my goto reasoning for his disruptive sleep pattern was "oh he's seeing spirits" but hey, that's what I came up with at  3 a.m.

Saturday was historically difficult with Dylan. Seeing as he was teething and had terrible sleep the night before, he was ridiculously sensitive to everything. We tried to keep him as happy as possible but even the sounds of his toys were bringing him to tears. After a full day of sad, fussy, hating life baby, we agreed that Tylenol before bed would be the best solution. No one wants to see their baby bothered and in pain and I had already reached my stress threshold. Once I fed Dylan and put him down for the night, I looked my husband and told him I was tapping out. Thankfully Dylan woke up on Sunday acting more like himself and it was smooth sailing for the rest of the weekend because quite honestly, teething bites. 

September 13, 2013


Please Press Pause

Now that I am an official member of club mommy I get all the benefits that come along with it including my role as a body guard, recipient of 3am cuddles, diaper changer, baby feeder and limited personal time. Therefore I am super ecstatic for this weekend because tomorrow morning I have a long, overdue hair appointment. My tresses get a lot less attention but I can't complain because it makes the whole shabang of a hair appointment a lot more exciting than it would be without the club mommy membership. Before there was Dylan I took my abundance of free/me time for granted but not anymore! I am ever so grateful that my husband can take care of our little big boy while I go do my thing, though I already know as soon as I sit down in the salon I will be wondering what fun they're up to (another club mommy benefit). Clearly the obsession I have with my son is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Last night my little big boy was crawling all over the place when I asked him where his book was, "go get it!" I said. Challenge accepted. Dylan looked around and spotted the book a few feet away and scuffled in its direction before picking up the book with a proud little face. "YAY!!!!! You found your book!!" I am so proud and excited that he is not only picking up books but picking up language. It seems as if every day he is surprising me with some new development and reminding me that the weeks between milestones are long gone. He isn't that tiny little guy that fit into the palms of my hands and who's neck needed constant support. Though I would like to keep him this small for the next twenty years, it isn't going to happen. It's definitely time for Dylan and I to start reading Dr. Seuss', "Oh, the Places You'll Go!" Because it is going to take mommy a very long time to get used to the notion of Dylan going anywhere without me playing shadow.

September 12, 2013

Get Up, Stand Up

Dylan Knows What's Coming

Seven months old is proving to be a great age. Dylan is extremely giggly, entertaining, and curious. He is picking up on routines and can anticipate what's coming based on what's happened before. For instance, when I am trying to distract him from the fact I'm putting him down, I'll ask him if he's ready to have some fun. I proceed to count to three, which is when something fun is supposed to happen. Perhaps he'll get a tickle, perhaps his mamaroo swing will turn on, or maybe he'll get a toy- whatever it is, there is always something grand at "three." He's picked up on this and by merely asking if he wants "to have some fun" he becomes giddy and awaits for the count. Before I even reach "three," he is already squealing and laughing. Dylan's ability to recognize patterns cautions me to be mindful of my behavior because he is clearly keeping a close eye on what mom and dad are doing and I want ensure that I'm not displaying behaviors that I wouldn't want to see in him. After all, babies are pretty sophisticated.

My little big boy has become a master eater thanks to my mom, who has taught him important keywords while feeding him throughout the day. He understands it's time to eat when we ask if he wants "yum-yum," and he will move in on the spoon and take bites when instructed to "open." These keywords are extremely helpful and I feel very lucky to have my mom caring for Dylan while I'm at work. She is 100% devoted to his well-being and gives him all the attention he needs to facilitate positive development. I couldn't ask for a better situation and I am a very happy, lucky ducky that can't wait to see what she teaches him next. I love you mom!

September 10, 2013

Cutie Overload

The past few days I have been having the most fun with Dylan. He has been so well behaved and cute that he has me wishing I could spend all day and everyday with him. There's no slowing Dylan down anymore because as of yesterday he is an official rugrat that spends his time crawling around every inch of his room. At one point I was trying to get a video of his mobility but he stopped at his crib and used the bars to pick himself off the ground and stand up. "SH**!" I said on the recording, I did NOT expect him to stand so suddenly. I'm a bit freaked out by his ambitious nature considering he quite literally just figured out how to crawl forward without stopping. Dizbaby doesn't want to walk, he wants to RUN! His high energy translates to high stakes and I can see high anxiety in my future. 

Dylan is also becoming a lot more affectionate. I must have looked like an easy target to him while I was lying on my yoga mat in his room because the second he spotted me he crawled over like a madman attacking my face with kisses and trying to crawl on top of me. But I'm not the only one he's kissing. Dylan has always enjoyed looking in the mirror but lately he has been interacting with his reflection more and more. After leaving him in his room to play for a few minutes my husband and I returned only to catch him kissing his reflection. We spied for a little while but we couldn't contain our laughter for very long before getting caught. Dylan is my very own little sunshine and I simply cannot compute his cuteness anymore. He is blowing my mind! I LOVE my little big boy.

September 9, 2013

Huntington Beach Boy

Yesterday we took Dylan to the beach for the first time, anxious to see his reaction knowing it could go any number of ways. I thought Dylan would be confused by the sand, the loud wind from the ocean breeze and that the crashing waves at the shore would scare him. Au contraire! Dizbaby is a beach boy enthusiast and he was all smiles when I took him to the shoreline. Aside from the water being freezing cold the low tide made it the perfect condition for a first timer. I was reluctant to let Dylan touch the water but he was too eager to hold back. When the waves hit he smiled and began cracking up and squealing in excitement. We spent some time bouncing around in the waves and standing up in the sand before retiring at our umbrella for a snack and nap. Dylan's first beach experience was definitely the best it could have been and if the weather permits us we will be back soon. I'm so glad my husband was able to capture the moment in these pictures.

September 6, 2013

Super Baby's Mom

I can breathe deeply and with assurance that today is going to be alright because it's Friday and all is good. Plus, who wouldn't want to be super baby's mommy?

September 5, 2013

He's a little terrorist

Happy 7 Months to Dizbaby

Dear Dizbaby,

13lbs and seven months ago you came into this world bearing joy and magic that you continue to spread into our lives. The days of your alien sounds, bassinet sleeping and waking up hungry every other hour are long gone and behind us, as are the tummy time tantrums and subtle, uncoordinated movements you'd make when you were just figuring out what this weird place called home was all about. We were just getting to know each other back then but I already loved you immeasurably. These days you are exploring every corner of your room, reaching and grabbing for any glimmer that catches your eye and eating new foods while trying to get a taste of mine. It seems like it was only yesterday your daddy was calling the "new parent  hotline" to figure out if it was normal for you to be so hungry and eat as much as you did. "Feed him as much as he wants" they said, "keep feeding him," they said. Now you outweigh your cousin who is twice your age and you're barely fitting in clothes sized for 9 month olds.

And now that you are a big boy seven monther that turns every object into a drum and insists on nonstop bouncing, the fun has just begun. Your hair is turning out to be just as wild as you are and your smile lights up the dark and melts my heart. I cant wait to see where we are a year from now as the journey of your childhood continues. 

Happy seven months baby Dylan!

September 4, 2013

Clever is Better

The strangest thumping sound was emitting from the baby monitor this morning and my husband quickly went into Dylan's room to see what the commotion was. I was running late to work following a thirty minute pumping session (I am getting so sick of those) and I peeped in the room to check it out for myself. There was Dylan, half asleep and pumping his legs up into the air and pounding them down on the mattress. We both started cracking up at our little weirdo baby who has been doing the most peculiar things lately. We left his room to let him wake up and suddenly there was complete silence. I thought he might have fallen back asleep so I crept to his doorway to check things out. Instead of a sleeping Dylan there was a sitting Dylan reaching up in attempt to pull down his crib mobile. He spotted me and contorted his head to get a better view between the crib bars and gave me a wide grinned smile once we made eye contact. Naturally, I swooned. 

One of my favorite things that Dylan has been doing lately is trying to see around objects by moving himself to get a better view. He used to think when something was out of sight it no longer existed but he's caught on to my hiding tactics and will turn corners and look around to find things. As he becomes increasingly clever so do I. Though he may realize the cell phone he so desperately wants to eat hasn't disappeared and is in fact being covered by my leg, he is still easily distracted and I use that to my advantage. Sorry Dylan but you have a long way to go before you outsmart your mommy.

September 3, 2013

Love Bites

Having three day weekends every week is a wonderful accommodation my job has made for me since having Dylan but this past Monday was even better because my husband also had it off in light of  Labor Day and we rocked it. Sunday was my sister-in-law's birthday and gathered at her house for a celebration in the 100 degree heat. My cupcake Cheri gave me bar tending lessons and I managed to make an ice cold drink that was worthy of the birthday girl (malibu rum and pineapple juice). Dylan went swimming in the pool with the husband and we enjoyed BBQ, cake and pie.

Dylan's cousin Lily, who is turning 1 in a couple of weeks was there with both her parents Cheri & Fernando, and she is doing all kinds of fancy tricks like mimicking words, expressions and standing up. Lily loves other babies and takes a keen liking to Dylan which he does not reciprocate. My little big boy doesn't know what to make of Lily's high energy and excitement toward him and gets terrified when she tries to get his attention. At one point Lily crawled up to Dylan and planted the most ADORABLE kiss on his cheek and then went in for another kiss only to bite him. Dylan was horrified by the incident, so much so that the next day when we met up with Cheri and Fermando for breakfast Dylan's expression went from normal to "OMG SHE IS BACK" when he spotted Lily. But hey, Lily loves Dylan and she was ecstatic when she saw him which REALLY made Dylan freak out and start crying. I cant help but think the cat and mouse dynamic between the two of them is hilarious. 

It's September now and the summer days and summer nights are almost gone so it's important for us to enjoy the extended sunshine and good weather as much as we can before autumn hits us in the face. My goal is to take my little big boy on more walks and outings while we still have the weather on our side because he LOVES being outdoors.

September 2, 2013

Dylan worship

The husband took the cutest photos of Dylan yesterday....! My favorite is the last one.