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August 20, 2013

Weekend Recap Featuring a Dizbaby Grill

Last week Dylan woke up screaming three nights in a row and each time I went to get him he was already sitting up in his crib. He was fussy and irritable, one day he even felt as if he had a fever only for it to go away within hours. I was very confused until Friday when Dylan woke up with two teeth in his mouth. Aw!!! Another sure sign he's getting older, my little big boy has two budding white teeth that are as sharp as you can imagine a megalodon's teeth would be. Since then his sleeping schedule has resumed uninterrupted and I am super relieved. 

On Saturday Dylan and I accompanied my husband to a work gathering at his boss' house in Newport Beach. The view at the house was all ocean and incredibly breathtaking. Dylan was a big hit amongst co-workers, everyone loved him and they kidnapped him for lengthy amounts of time, passing him around like a piece of meat which didn't bother Dylan one bit. At one point I looked to see who was holding him only to witness Dylan surrounded by a group of five girls who were taking pictures with him. I was cracking up, six months old and he's already a ladies man. Dylan must have known not to embarrass the family with a bad attitude because he was on his best behavior, tricking everyone into thinking he's simply the happiest and sweetest baby of all the lands. Way to represent the family kid!

But the fun didn't stop there. On Sunday we went to my parent's house where two of my sisters (I have four sisters, five of us total) and niece Sofia were gathering for homemade pizza and some good times. My dad made six different pizzas, including bacon BBQ and "zee unzpeakable combination." Lately Dylan has been extremely insistent that he samples the same foods we are enjoying and will stop at nothing to grab a piece for himself. My husband almost always gives in and the pizza was no exception. He let him have a lick which gave Dylan enough time to engulf a mouthful that freaked my mom out and had my husband fishing for cheese he could choke on in his mouth. 

Overall the weekend was busier than usual and still quite successful. Dylan makes being a parent feel fun and the work involved feels natural and not like much work at all.

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