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August 13, 2013

So You Want to Grow Up? Fine.

At six months old it seems as if Dylan has hit a certain point in his development where everything is happening extremely quickly and all at once. He is showing a greater interest in the world around him and as enjoyable as it is for me to watch him grow I find myself wanting to put these precious moments on slowmo. Recently he has discovered sitting up, rolling over, using his bum to scoot around the floor, how to spot and grab objects, how to peer around the walls when mommy walks out of a room and much more. Yesterday night I was conducting our bedtime massage routine and as I took my hands off of his fatty thighs to pump a little more lotion, Dylan flipped over on his stomach and began scooting away within seconds. "Hey! I'm not done yet!" I said whilst turning him back around.

Not long ago I had a baby that struggled with tummy-time and would scream and pout until I put him on his back, now he flees as soon as the opportunity presents itself. I love my little big boy and I don't want to miss a beat or let these moments pass into the past without enjoying them. He might be ready to crawl, eat food, drink water and get a sippy-cup but for me it's debatable. Dizbaby wants to go from one level of baby onto the next and all I can really do is say: challenge accepted.

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