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August 8, 2013

Quality vs Quantity: Take What You Can Get

He used to be such an itty bitty baby.
Despite the fact I get off of work at 3pm so that I can spend more time with Dylan, I feel as if I have very little time with him during the week. After picking him up from Oma's and getting home, working out and making dinner, there is approximately two hours of quality time together before he's put down for the night. It's simply not enough! Though I don’t want to spoil the baby I try to make the most of the situation by keeping him happy and engaged to make our time of quality.

Yesterday a troubled Oma texted me to tell me that she was feeling torn, as she has been shopping for Christmas gifts for Dylan but she wants him to play with them now. I told her that she brought the distress upon herself, seeing as she’s buying Christmas presents in August. Her reply was, “August? I started in July!” Oy vey. This little big boy of mine is going to be spoiled whether I like it or not! He won’t even be a year old when the holidays hit and he’ll already have more gifts than some people get in a lifetime!

Summer is dwindling away and I believe a trip to the beach is overdue. Last summer I was pregnant and it was the last place I wanted to go but this year I desperately want to take Dizbaby to the sandy shores of our local beaches. We’re really lucky to live in southern California and it is silly not to take advantage of our coastline. So if my honey is reading this, let’s go to the beach!

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