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August 14, 2013

My Baby Shark

Yesterday I did not want to put Dylan to bed because he was being way too cute. We were rolling around in bed chanting "no sleep, too much fun!" in protest of bedtime. It was definitely a sight to see and he was digging all the wild movements. Dylan is a crazy baby whose lack of fear freaks me out. Years ago I took a child psychology class that touched on the innate fears that babies are born with and now that I have Dylan I find myself expecting him to be scared of the drop at the edge of the bed or falling backwards like I was taught but Dylan has proven to be no textbook baby. I gasp in horror when he plunges toward the floor (by choice) and throws his body back to fall on the pillow behind him. What if there were no cushions around, buddy? 

Discovery Channel's Shark Week might be over but with Dylan, it's always shark week at our house. He particularly likes to attack our down feathered pillows by throwing his face into them and jerking his head from side to side. He does this 5-6 times before coming up for air and repeating. He then becomes delirious like sharks do after a hefty feeding frenzy and proceeds to attack anything within reach, not limited to my arms, leg or face. If Dylan had teeth I would be in trouble but I have yet to hear of anyone being gummed to death. Still, safety is best guaranteed with a cage.

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