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August 27, 2013

I Don't Care If You're Only 7 Months, You're Learning How to Read.

I had an amazing weekend with Dylan. His teething was an annoyance but we babied him into a happy state and luckily it didn't interfere with any of our outtings. Dylan tends to be well behaved when we're out in public and then completely needy when we're at home. My only theory on this flip flop behavior pattern (other than being a master manipulator) is that when in a foreign environment Dylan wants to observe everything and take it all in and when he's on his turf, he knows his limitations and finds himself easily bored. Decoding Dylan's behavior is funny because I make him out to be a very complex thinker but for all I know he's just "do do do do do do" in his head 90% of the time. 

I casually googled "how to teach a seven month old how to read" and quickly realized at seven months old people are teaching their babies grossly different things, like how to sleep through the night or how to grab objects with their hands. Is it absolutely crazy that I want to do more!? Perhaps I am naive but prior to the google search I didn't think there was anything strange about getting a head start and teaching a baby how to recognize words. I figure that it's never too early to learn things but I suppose I'll start with colors, shapes, numbers and work my way up to the abc's. Ultimately it isn't so much about what information Dylan retains at this age but the fact we're spending our time together interacting and having fun.

I am a grumpy cat this morning because my dogs have given me allergies for a solid week and I didn't get to see the sleeping prince Dylan before I left for work. Luckily I received this set of pictures that have made me happy, happy, happy.

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