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August 7, 2013

Food Food Food

There is nothing like a home cooked meal and tonight I am anxious to go home and cook dinner. For whatever reason we really slacked off on going to the grocery store the past week and we have been eating out a lot. Last night we finally stocked up on some much needed fresh foods and tonight we shall feast. It's hard to come home and find the motivation to cook when you work all day on top of caring for a baby but today I am highly motivated. I'm making my favorite dish which is a hybrid of my two favorite dishes, one my mom makes and one my husband makes. Somehow I've intertwined them into deliciousness worthy of the title: my signature dish. I cant wait for Dylan to be a big boy eater that has favorite foods of his own and I hope he isn't picky like his father and eats everything like I do. Who am I kidding? My son is 20lbs at 6 months old, he obviously loves food!

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