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August 1, 2013

Dizbaby Gettin' Old!

I resent Dylan's eczema. This morning Dylan had blood on his shirt from the recent flare up on his cheek that he must have scratched when he woke up. I'm very sensitive to the sight of another person's blood and seeing Dylan's made me feel woozy. Knowing that his cheeks itch him to the extent he draws blood from the scratching aches my heart. Stupid genetics. At least he's super cute! 

My little big boy has a doctor's appointment for his 6 month checkup pretty soon and like every doctor's visit, I am appalled that so much time has passed since welcoming him into the world. As Dylan becomes more aware of his surroundings I want to make sure his childhood is as memorable and magical as mine was. My parents did a great job with me and have inspired me to do a great job with my lovey dovey. And within a couple of years I'm hoping we'll have another addition to our family byway of adoption. The husband and I have an adoption orientation in the middle of this month and I am excited to get the party started and learn more about the lengthy process. What a fun part of my life being a parent is turning out to be!

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