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August 2, 2013

Another Fantastic Friday

As a working mom I find myself elated on Friday mornings, feeling as though I can do anything in the world. This most likely stems from the belief that if I can leave Dylan for four days a week then surely I can handle whatever screw is thrown at me in the meantime. I'm a pretty excitable person but I am extra excited for this weekend because for months I have had tickets to see Bob Dylan in concert and I finally get to use them tomorrow night! Though I've seen Bob live three times already, it never gets old when you're a big fan. But it's not the show alone I'm looking forward to I am ready for the entire experience of kissing my baby bye-bye and having an adult night with my husband where we only have to worry about how many beers we're drinking on a hot summer night. My sister-in-law is babysitting Dylan at our house and I'm hoping she comes down with a serious case of baby fever because I could always use another niece or nephew.  

Here's to a great weekend that moves slowly in the name of taking it all in!

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