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July 23, 2013

T.M.I. Tuesday

Before Dylan was born I was a light traveler. I had no problem packing everything into one bag regardless of the length of my trip and quite frankly I considered myself a professional packer. Those days are over thanks to my little big boy. I am now an annoying five thousand thirty-three bag traveler and there is no such thing as "traveling light." We have backpacks, diaper bags, breast pump w/bottles and a frozen milk supply, outfits, diapers and burpees (oh my!) There has to be an easier way to get all of his crap together without feeling like I'm moving out of the country and I am determined to figure it out for our next trip. 

Being that it is TMI Tuesday I just want to quickly mention that I am ready for Dylan to start changing his own diapers. Diaper changes over the past five months have been a breeze and haven't bothered me one bit but now that he is trying different foods and I've given him a couple of formula bottles I see a distinct change that makes me gag. I realize he can't walk or communicate that he's "gotta go" but I am  ready for him to learn. This baby is not only mean but he's disgusting! He laughs at me when I have to breathe through my mouth when changing him and is delighted by his accomplishment. I need to book him a one way ticket on the potty train but how soon is too soon? Ain't nothing wrong with being ambitious, right?!

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