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July 10, 2013

Teaching Affection to an Anti-Cuddle Baby

Dylan thinks I'm predictable, I can tell because when I say "I'm gonna get you!" he starts laughing and tightening his stomach like he does when I'm about to tickle him (which I am). He knows when I'm gonna feed him by the direction I lay him down in and he knows when I'm going to pick him up from his crib.  I decided to use this predictability to my advantage and have begun teaching him "kissys" wherein I announce "kissys!" and proceed to smother him in kisses. After a couple days of kissy kissy kissy he has responded by opening up his mouth, grabbing my face and eating me. This would be really cute if it weren't so messy and slobbery...okay stop right there. I don't really care about the slobber, in fact I find it to be endearing! This is my baby we're talking about! 

What I'm really trying to say is Dylan is kissing me!!! Awww! He loves me and he is starting to show it which totally makes up for his need for "space" and non-cuddles. In the spirit of self-serving my next mission is going to be "hugs."

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