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July 25, 2013

One Happy Mama

When I got home from work yesterday I was expecting tales of babysitting woe with regard to how high maintenance Dylan was for his grandma and grandpa. Like any 5 month old he is a handful and I was certain they would be running for their freedom. But to my shock and awe DYLAN WAS GOOD. No, not just good, he didn't cry, he slept for an hour at a time and he was a bucket of fun and giggles. What the...my Dylan? Because the Dylan I know turns into a wild boar after being up for 2 hours and then sleeps for 35 minutes only to run a muck when he awakes. Though I am delighted that he didn't give them a hard time yesterday, I wish I was able to witness such a miracle! 

My inner-baby had a lot of fun with Dylan yesterday. For whatever reason he is in love with the fluffy down pillows we have on our bed and insists on opening up his mouth as wide as he can before falling head first onto the pillow and eating it like a dog playing with a toy, thrashing his head from side to side like he's on the attack. My little shark boy is in full-fledged play mode these days and wants to explore everything from buttons on a shirt to carpet on the ground. On his playmat he has a mock piano that a baby can kick while laying down or pound with their hands when sitting up and I let him sit up and play with the buttons for the first time yesterday and he couldn't stop. He kept pounding the keyboard then looking over at me with a "did you see that?" face and I'd clap and encourage him with a "yay!" Needless to say he is crazy wild and even though he woke me up at 2:30 in the morning for a feeding, I am enjoying him more than ever these days.

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