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July 9, 2013

MA-MA, MA-MA. Please Say Mama

I'm thrilled to finish this week up at work because next week I'll be in VEGAS for the husband's birthday. My only concern for Dylan while we're there is his eczema, which has been flaring up terribly over the past several days and intensifies in the heat. Yesterday I called his doctor to make a last minute appointment in hopes there was something we could do to help calm his irritation down and she prescribed a cream and told me to cut out all dairy from my diet for five days, consider taking a break from the dogs and then give a gluten free diet a chance if the other options don't serve him well. I can give up dairy no problem but GLUTEN FREE? OMGZZZZ. Though it is a healthy way to live I'm not so sure I want to give up my cheetos. Hopefully I won't need to make such an extreme dietary change. 

In other Dylan news I am trying very hard to put "ma-ma" in his head and in his vocabulary. I repeat it over and over and over and he makes the "Mmm" face with his lips but doesn't give it a real chance. If he says "da-da" before he says "ma-ma" I will be haunted and reminded of it for the rest of my life. My husband and I are hyper competitive to the extreme. For example, when Dylan shows any sign of waking up from a nap we race to his room and argue about who get's to get him first, pulling on each others shirts in an attempt to hold the other one back. Dylan saying "da-da!" as his first word would be the ultimate defeat. In that situation I would have to teach him how to give me kisses on command just to spite the competition. Healthy marriage, right?

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