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July 2, 2013

A Tale Of Misery

Each day I find myself stopping what I'm doing and listening for the wailing sounds of a distressed baby and almost every time I'm duped. Before I became a mom I never suffered from poor hearing but thanks to Dylan I frequently hear a phantom baby cry in the background. Yesterday night however, there was no mistaking Dylan's screams of terror because for the first time in Dylan history he was inconsolable.

From 5pm - 8pm Dylan was a complete and utter demon. At first he was okay if he was eating, then he was okay if you were playing with him. But by 6:30 he was fuming angry and didn't want to be held, put down, played with, left alone, fed, not fed, swaddled, unwrapped, etc etc. There was nothing I could do to comfort him in any shape or form. I decided to bathe him and for those ten minutes he was all smiles but as soon as I took him out of the bath and it was massage time, he was back on his scream game.

After a miserable three hours Dylan finally calmed down enough for me to feed him and as the exhausted, mean baby shut his eyes halfway, he looked at me and smiled before completely passing out. Really Dylan? All that hell and you’re going to give me a sassy little smirk? Yes he is because quite frankly I earned it.

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