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July 15, 2013

Dylan Belittling Mommy

On Saturday I gave Dylan some rice cereal that did not agree with him. Within an hour of eating it he was throwing up big time and was a weak little boy. I was getting extremely nervous because he lost all the color in his face and he wasn't being himself. Normally if I say his name or talk to him he's all smiles and shakes his arms like it's peanut butter jelly time but instead he was subdued. I comforted him and fed him so he wouldn't be dehydrat
ed but in total he threw up about five to six times within a few hours. I knew he was better when he threw up that last time because instantly his playful demeanor returned and he was trying to get me to party with him. And even though I had stomach contents all over my hair I partook in his playtime. It was a messy Saturday.

Dylan is a roll-over master. In fact he's already showing signs of crawling. He hasn't quite realized how helpful arms can be when you're trying to crawl but he knows his fatty thighs will get him places if he pushes against the floor with them. His head rubs against the ground as he scoots along but he doesn't seem to mind one bit. I keep telling Dylan we're going to Vegas and it's going to be really hot so be prepared but he just laughs at me and grabs my face. I can tell Dylan doesn't take me very seriously because he is constantly reaching out his hands and pulling on my face like I'm the cutest little baby in all the world and he must grab hold of my cheeks. It's kind of belittling but I try not to take it personal since it's so cute. But shouldn't I be the one pinching here?

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