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July 22, 2013

Back to Work

Taking a week off from work is an amazing reward for the hours upon hours of time put into work throughout the months leading up to vacation. My husband's birthday falls squarely in the midst of summer and I love that he insists on celebrating himself for a week because quite frankly everyone deserves a break from the routine once in a while. What better way to spend free time then to build memories with 18 other family members? Yeah, we're a big group. 

Vegas was ridiculously fun. We spent time by the pool, walked around the brightly lit city and went to a club sans Dylan at night. After months of being on baby duty and having to constantly be responsible it was a great break to have some drinks with close family and let loose. We really took advantage of having my mom out there with us. 

The heat was intense but bearable. Thanks to my travel savvy mom we had seating in the shade throughout the day which kept Dylan happy. We took him in the wave pool and up until the waves kicked in, he had a blast. I was also surprised what a good little big boy he was during the 4 hour drive to and fro Las Vegas. There was no screaming in the restaurants, public tantrums or inconsolable whining at any point. 

One of the highlights of our trip was Dylan saying "mama." He doesn't understand he is calling for me but he has said mama multiple times over this vacation and it melts my heart into a Dylan slave. Unfortunately he couldn't give me a week or two of glory before immediately following mama up with "dada." Really kid? I should be overjoyed with his two word ability but my competitive nature doesn't permit it. Daddy is clearly behind this one.

Today's plan consists of constructing a pot roast, getting the house in order and spending as much time with my little big boy as I can before facing the music and returning to work tomorrow. I have a lot of photos I want to post but being that my husband is the photographer in the family I have to wait for him to upload and hand them off to me. Until then here are a few from my phone that were taken over our span of vacay time.

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