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July 11, 2013

A Heavy Heart

I hear about all types of crazy stories in my line of work; some of them are funny, some are depressing and some are outright unjustified. But yesterday our office was given a new file that hit too close to home and made my heart hurt. This new case involved a big rig striking a car a few days after Christmas that a family of three was driving in. The parents in the front seat were okay but their 18 month old son in the backseat was crushed underneath the big rig and died at the scene. Pause.

Though I realize unfair things happen all over the world all the time, it doesn’t take away the pain and sadness of losing a child in such a senseless and tragic accident.  I immediately wanted to go home and kiss Dylan a million times over, hug him, put him in a bubble and protect him from the world. The fact we wake up every day and make it home at night unscathed is quite frankly a miracle.

Let us never stop celebrating life and the amazing experiences and love we encounter within it. We should all take the time to accept the imperfections of others because we know not what has molded them into what they are. Everyone has a past and some weighs heavier than others. I went home yesterday and hugged Dylan a little tighter and looked at him a little longer because I can’t and don’t ever want to imagine my life without him.

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