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July 31, 2013

Okay We Get It, You're Team Daddy

This morning was a complete and utter mess. I left the house seemingly on time only to get a call from my husband half-way to work telling me that I needed to turn around because I left Dylan's carseat base in my car by mistake. I had no choice but to go back which wouldn't have been that' bad but I took the toll road this morning and ended up having to pay the $9.75 in tolling back and forth. Ridiculous! Thank god for Dylan because it doesn't matter how irritated and annoyed I become, seeing Dylan's wide grin instantly calms me down and makes me happy.

Yesterday I was enjoying our time after work together when he began his "dada" tirade. Dada is evidently his favorite thing to say because he doesn't stop. Our conversations go something like this:
"Who do you love?"
"Who takes care of you?"
"Who stinks?"
"Who needs to change your diaper?"
I think I've found a way to live with this rampant talk of DADA.

July 30, 2013


No Sicky Sick Please

Being able to save the day is one of my favorite parts about being a parent. For instance when Dylan grows tired of playing on the floor and is bored with all the toys and activities he has available to him, he becomes miserable and cries as if his life is ruined forever. That's when I enter the room and  his crying face immediately becomes overjoyed with relief as he reaches his arms out for me and I am his hero. I looooove that feeling. The only drawback is now that he is looking to be saved when he is irritated I can no longer sneak in the room unnoticed. Diz baby sees everything and the smallest movement will catch his attention. He's no dummy! 

Yesterday Dylan fell asleep while we were at the store and I knew he was done for and that he'd be waking up sometime in the middle of the night hungry. Instead, he was a good little boy who didn't wake up until 4:25 this morning to eat and was super cute and talky. He kept saying his favorite sound, "dada" and though I didn't speak to him because I wanted him to go back to bed, I was mumbling "mamas" in my head. Come on Dylan, remember mama?! He was being adorable and it wasn't easy putting my little big boy back down. He was more affectionate than usual and nestled into me and got close enough that it was as if he were hugging me. Then he let out a huge fart and killed the moment.

I'm feeling a little under the weather right now and I'm hoping the germy feeling fades away before I become a full fledged sicky. No one likes feeling like a sicky! All I really want to do is go home and cuddle my anti-cuddling baby. I miss him.

July 26, 2013

Full Circle Friday

I am happy to report that Dylan was a good boy for his grandparents again yesterday when they watched him. I don't know why he is only half good when he's with me but I'd rather he ease up his mean ways on others because the parent should bear the greater burden of attitude problems from their kin. But not only did my mother-in-law watch Dylan for me yesterday....she also cleaned my house. She is an amazing person, I mean, who does that? She's already taking time out of her day to watch Dylan but then she cleans my house too? She's an angel. 

Last night Zepeda was editing pictures from our Vegas birthday trip and one of the pictures stood out from the rest. My grandparents (Oma & Opa) moved to Vegas about six years ago and we rarely get to see them because of it. The day I went into labor with Dylan my mom got them tickets to fly out and see the baby but they missed their flight because Opa passed out in a grocery store which landed him in the hospital. We knew during this Vegas trip we wanted to pay Oma and Opa a visit and introduce them to baby Dylan, which we did. They loved him (of course) and it brought me great joy to see them with my son. It was a full circle moment that I will treasure forever. I only wish that they lived closer and I were able to see them more often. Though to be honest I wouldn't mind going to Vegas again sometime soon.

July 25, 2013

One Happy Mama

When I got home from work yesterday I was expecting tales of babysitting woe with regard to how high maintenance Dylan was for his grandma and grandpa. Like any 5 month old he is a handful and I was certain they would be running for their freedom. But to my shock and awe DYLAN WAS GOOD. No, not just good, he didn't cry, he slept for an hour at a time and he was a bucket of fun and giggles. What the...my Dylan? Because the Dylan I know turns into a wild boar after being up for 2 hours and then sleeps for 35 minutes only to run a muck when he awakes. Though I am delighted that he didn't give them a hard time yesterday, I wish I was able to witness such a miracle! 

My inner-baby had a lot of fun with Dylan yesterday. For whatever reason he is in love with the fluffy down pillows we have on our bed and insists on opening up his mouth as wide as he can before falling head first onto the pillow and eating it like a dog playing with a toy, thrashing his head from side to side like he's on the attack. My little shark boy is in full-fledged play mode these days and wants to explore everything from buttons on a shirt to carpet on the ground. On his playmat he has a mock piano that a baby can kick while laying down or pound with their hands when sitting up and I let him sit up and play with the buttons for the first time yesterday and he couldn't stop. He kept pounding the keyboard then looking over at me with a "did you see that?" face and I'd clap and encourage him with a "yay!" Needless to say he is crazy wild and even though he woke me up at 2:30 in the morning for a feeding, I am enjoying him more than ever these days.

July 24, 2013

Dylan & Grandma Bonding Time!

Today is going to be a fun day for Dylan because he gets to spend time with his Grandma! His Oma is really sick so we are keeping him germ free while she rests up and gets healthy. I'm very lucky to have such an incredible support system of people I trust that are willing to give up their time to watch Dylan last minute. That little big boy is a handful! I'm excited to hear about their day together and see what kind of craziness he put her through now that he has such a distinctive personality with ridiculous demands. 

I woke up this morning to a save the date text message for my niece Lily's first birthday and I couldn't help but get a little sad because a year has already flown by since first meeting her in the hospital last September. Lily was born an itty bitty baby and I'm always comparing her to Dylan because they're so close in age. I cant wait to celebrate her first birthday and all of her birthdays to come.

July 23, 2013

T.M.I. Tuesday

Before Dylan was born I was a light traveler. I had no problem packing everything into one bag regardless of the length of my trip and quite frankly I considered myself a professional packer. Those days are over thanks to my little big boy. I am now an annoying five thousand thirty-three bag traveler and there is no such thing as "traveling light." We have backpacks, diaper bags, breast pump w/bottles and a frozen milk supply, outfits, diapers and burpees (oh my!) There has to be an easier way to get all of his crap together without feeling like I'm moving out of the country and I am determined to figure it out for our next trip. 

Being that it is TMI Tuesday I just want to quickly mention that I am ready for Dylan to start changing his own diapers. Diaper changes over the past five months have been a breeze and haven't bothered me one bit but now that he is trying different foods and I've given him a couple of formula bottles I see a distinct change that makes me gag. I realize he can't walk or communicate that he's "gotta go" but I am  ready for him to learn. This baby is not only mean but he's disgusting! He laughs at me when I have to breathe through my mouth when changing him and is delighted by his accomplishment. I need to book him a one way ticket on the potty train but how soon is too soon? Ain't nothing wrong with being ambitious, right?!

July 22, 2013

Back to Work

Taking a week off from work is an amazing reward for the hours upon hours of time put into work throughout the months leading up to vacation. My husband's birthday falls squarely in the midst of summer and I love that he insists on celebrating himself for a week because quite frankly everyone deserves a break from the routine once in a while. What better way to spend free time then to build memories with 18 other family members? Yeah, we're a big group. 

Vegas was ridiculously fun. We spent time by the pool, walked around the brightly lit city and went to a club sans Dylan at night. After months of being on baby duty and having to constantly be responsible it was a great break to have some drinks with close family and let loose. We really took advantage of having my mom out there with us. 

The heat was intense but bearable. Thanks to my travel savvy mom we had seating in the shade throughout the day which kept Dylan happy. We took him in the wave pool and up until the waves kicked in, he had a blast. I was also surprised what a good little big boy he was during the 4 hour drive to and fro Las Vegas. There was no screaming in the restaurants, public tantrums or inconsolable whining at any point. 

One of the highlights of our trip was Dylan saying "mama." He doesn't understand he is calling for me but he has said mama multiple times over this vacation and it melts my heart into a Dylan slave. Unfortunately he couldn't give me a week or two of glory before immediately following mama up with "dada." Really kid? I should be overjoyed with his two word ability but my competitive nature doesn't permit it. Daddy is clearly behind this one.

Today's plan consists of constructing a pot roast, getting the house in order and spending as much time with my little big boy as I can before facing the music and returning to work tomorrow. I have a lot of photos I want to post but being that my husband is the photographer in the family I have to wait for him to upload and hand them off to me. Until then here are a few from my phone that were taken over our span of vacay time.

July 17, 2013

Live from Vegas it's a birthday extravaganza!

Vegas is great, Dylan fits right in with all the gambling adults drinking more than they should at the wee hours of the night. Today is my husband's birthday so a big happy happy happy birthday shoutout is in order! I love you baby, thanks for being my other half. We are currently poolside in the Vegas heat, Dylan enjoyed his first in pool experience and he's passed out in the chair next to me. I'm updating the blog while the birthday boy is trying to flag someone down for drink service. oh yes, this is the life.

July 15, 2013

Dylan Belittling Mommy

On Saturday I gave Dylan some rice cereal that did not agree with him. Within an hour of eating it he was throwing up big time and was a weak little boy. I was getting extremely nervous because he lost all the color in his face and he wasn't being himself. Normally if I say his name or talk to him he's all smiles and shakes his arms like it's peanut butter jelly time but instead he was subdued. I comforted him and fed him so he wouldn't be dehydrat
ed but in total he threw up about five to six times within a few hours. I knew he was better when he threw up that last time because instantly his playful demeanor returned and he was trying to get me to party with him. And even though I had stomach contents all over my hair I partook in his playtime. It was a messy Saturday.

Dylan is a roll-over master. In fact he's already showing signs of crawling. He hasn't quite realized how helpful arms can be when you're trying to crawl but he knows his fatty thighs will get him places if he pushes against the floor with them. His head rubs against the ground as he scoots along but he doesn't seem to mind one bit. I keep telling Dylan we're going to Vegas and it's going to be really hot so be prepared but he just laughs at me and grabs my face. I can tell Dylan doesn't take me very seriously because he is constantly reaching out his hands and pulling on my face like I'm the cutest little baby in all the world and he must grab hold of my cheeks. It's kind of belittling but I try not to take it personal since it's so cute. But shouldn't I be the one pinching here?

July 11, 2013

Dylan Rocks

A Heavy Heart

I hear about all types of crazy stories in my line of work; some of them are funny, some are depressing and some are outright unjustified. But yesterday our office was given a new file that hit too close to home and made my heart hurt. This new case involved a big rig striking a car a few days after Christmas that a family of three was driving in. The parents in the front seat were okay but their 18 month old son in the backseat was crushed underneath the big rig and died at the scene. Pause.

Though I realize unfair things happen all over the world all the time, it doesn’t take away the pain and sadness of losing a child in such a senseless and tragic accident.  I immediately wanted to go home and kiss Dylan a million times over, hug him, put him in a bubble and protect him from the world. The fact we wake up every day and make it home at night unscathed is quite frankly a miracle.

Let us never stop celebrating life and the amazing experiences and love we encounter within it. We should all take the time to accept the imperfections of others because we know not what has molded them into what they are. Everyone has a past and some weighs heavier than others. I went home yesterday and hugged Dylan a little tighter and looked at him a little longer because I can’t and don’t ever want to imagine my life without him.

July 10, 2013

Dylan With A Bat...WATCH OUT

Teaching Affection to an Anti-Cuddle Baby

Dylan thinks I'm predictable, I can tell because when I say "I'm gonna get you!" he starts laughing and tightening his stomach like he does when I'm about to tickle him (which I am). He knows when I'm gonna feed him by the direction I lay him down in and he knows when I'm going to pick him up from his crib.  I decided to use this predictability to my advantage and have begun teaching him "kissys" wherein I announce "kissys!" and proceed to smother him in kisses. After a couple days of kissy kissy kissy he has responded by opening up his mouth, grabbing my face and eating me. This would be really cute if it weren't so messy and slobbery...okay stop right there. I don't really care about the slobber, in fact I find it to be endearing! This is my baby we're talking about! 

What I'm really trying to say is Dylan is kissing me!!! Awww! He loves me and he is starting to show it which totally makes up for his need for "space" and non-cuddles. In the spirit of self-serving my next mission is going to be "hugs."

July 9, 2013

MA-MA, MA-MA. Please Say Mama

I'm thrilled to finish this week up at work because next week I'll be in VEGAS for the husband's birthday. My only concern for Dylan while we're there is his eczema, which has been flaring up terribly over the past several days and intensifies in the heat. Yesterday I called his doctor to make a last minute appointment in hopes there was something we could do to help calm his irritation down and she prescribed a cream and told me to cut out all dairy from my diet for five days, consider taking a break from the dogs and then give a gluten free diet a chance if the other options don't serve him well. I can give up dairy no problem but GLUTEN FREE? OMGZZZZ. Though it is a healthy way to live I'm not so sure I want to give up my cheetos. Hopefully I won't need to make such an extreme dietary change. 

In other Dylan news I am trying very hard to put "ma-ma" in his head and in his vocabulary. I repeat it over and over and over and he makes the "Mmm" face with his lips but doesn't give it a real chance. If he says "da-da" before he says "ma-ma" I will be haunted and reminded of it for the rest of my life. My husband and I are hyper competitive to the extreme. For example, when Dylan shows any sign of waking up from a nap we race to his room and argue about who get's to get him first, pulling on each others shirts in an attempt to hold the other one back. Dylan saying "da-da!" as his first word would be the ultimate defeat. In that situation I would have to teach him how to give me kisses on command just to spite the competition. Healthy marriage, right?

July 5, 2013


Dylan's first 4th of July

A Happy 4th Of July

Enrique, Dylan and his Tia Norma being cuties
The 4th of July was so fun! I spent part of it making coconut macaroons and the rest at my cupcake's (Cheri) house for a celebratory get together. We had to leave pretty early because I had to be at work today bright and early but we had a great time while we were there. 

Dylan's eczema is pretty bad today and he desperately wants to scratch his face. His irritated cheek looked like it was healing yesterday morning but today it has spread to his mouth and the other cheek which is most likely due to being outside in the heat over the holiday. I really wish I were home to love on him. Does anyone else in corporate America have to work today?

July 3, 2013


Dylan is constantly amazing me with his personality and mini-milestones and I am going to celebrate them with "DYLAN DID IT!" entries and today will be the first one.

Yesterday I laid Dylan on his beloved playmat so I could go to the other room and fold some laundry. Five minutes later I went back into his room only to find his head where his feet were and his mat folded over him. I couldn't believe it, Dylan pulled himself up by using the side of his mat and fell forward. Yes, DYLAN DID IT! I was quite proud that the little brat figured out how to be a mobile rug rat, bothered that I wasn't there to witness it firsthand and relieved that he fell forward on his face and not back on his head. He sure doggone did it but now I have to be extra watchful as he realizes that everything around him can be used as a tool to get what he wants.

On another note, my husband finally witnessed Dylan being a demon child last night when he had the whole "oh my god I am miserable and there's nothing you can do about it" tantrum prior to bedtime. Teething is most likely to blame for these manic episodes. If he weren't so cute I think I'd sell him on ebay.

July 2, 2013

A Tale Of Misery

Each day I find myself stopping what I'm doing and listening for the wailing sounds of a distressed baby and almost every time I'm duped. Before I became a mom I never suffered from poor hearing but thanks to Dylan I frequently hear a phantom baby cry in the background. Yesterday night however, there was no mistaking Dylan's screams of terror because for the first time in Dylan history he was inconsolable.

From 5pm - 8pm Dylan was a complete and utter demon. At first he was okay if he was eating, then he was okay if you were playing with him. But by 6:30 he was fuming angry and didn't want to be held, put down, played with, left alone, fed, not fed, swaddled, unwrapped, etc etc. There was nothing I could do to comfort him in any shape or form. I decided to bathe him and for those ten minutes he was all smiles but as soon as I took him out of the bath and it was massage time, he was back on his scream game.

After a miserable three hours Dylan finally calmed down enough for me to feed him and as the exhausted, mean baby shut his eyes halfway, he looked at me and smiled before completely passing out. Really Dylan? All that hell and you’re going to give me a sassy little smirk? Yes he is because quite frankly I earned it.