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June 12, 2013

What a 4 Month Old Baby Taught Me

I am happy to report that Dylan slept through the night yesterday. Perhaps I was a little hyper paranoid in thinking he was falling out of sync with his routine we worked so hard to form. Dylan is always putting things in perspective for me. Over the past four months he has taught me a lot of lessons and reminded me of some I have forgotten. Here are a few:
  • GOTTA START SOMEWHERE. Dylan didn't come into this world gripping things, seeing things, standing or even rolling over. He worked really hard and grew a lot to get to where he is right now and isn't bothered that there's still a lot of growing left to do. As an adult I am quite instantaneous, tending to want things when I want them. Dylan has reminded me that Hey! We gotta start somewhere.
  • AIN'T NO SHAME. Oh how mortified I was when Dylan took a massive, bubbly fart while we were shopping in the produce section of the grocery store. In horror I thought, "I hope that guy doesn't think it was me!" (Yes, it was that loud.) But Dylan had a huge smile and it reminded me that Hey! Shit happens (literally), and though  embarrassing things do take place, a smile looks better than shame.
  • WHEN YOU'RE TIRED, SLEEP! Dylan doesn't care if we're going to Babies 'R Us to buy him a toy, nor does he care if we're at an outing specifically tailored to taking photos of him. If the boy is tired, he's going to sleep. If you don't let him sleep, his fussy attitude will make you regret it. And you know what? I'm the same way. With all the responsibilities that come along with being an adult, the errands, the dinner, the cleaning, the job, I get a little burnt out. Dylan has taught me that we all need a little guilt free rest, otherwise I'll get fussy too. 

Dylan has taught me that being the parent doesn't make me the only teacher; we are all learning from each other if you're open to the lesson. 

Here's a cute video of Dylan rolling over for the third time. Or as I call it, stop, drop and roll.

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