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June 5, 2013

Real Deal Smarty Pants

Dylan is getting too clever. I've noticed over the past few days when I open the door to his room he immediately looks toward the entryway anticipating a presence. Dylan is no longer a potato head, he recognizes patterns and those patterns are shaping his behavior. It's more important now than ever to let him explore the world around him and stimulate his little big boy brain. 

Over the weekend I bought him a crib mirror in the shape of a monkey. Dylan is placed in the middle of the mattress but by the time I check up on him he's completely scotched to the end of the crib where the monkey mirror is, hitting, grabbing and trying to eat it. It is so fun to sit back and spy on Dylan when he's playing to see how he acts and reacts to his surroundings. I got some color and shape flashcards for him and although my husband thinks I am crazy, it's my belief that you can't get started teaching a baby soon enough! He's obviously interested in everything around him, so why not fill playtime with learning?

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