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June 3, 2013

Manipulating Me

This past weekend was a little crazy. Dylan was grumpy both Saturday and Sunday and I didn't know how to handle it. Zepeda (husband) says his wild, fussy, tantrum screams are my fault and a direct result of my babying tactics. Initially, I thought Zepeda's accusations were ridiculous, but then Dylan manipulated me.

Dylan cant turn over on his own, yet he insists he should be able to stand up at all times (which requires my assistance). I fully support his ambitions and I constantly place him on my lap so he can stand up. Unfortunately, this has become an issue because he NEVER wants to lay down, to the extent his "favorite" playmat has become torturous. Instead of playing, he starts screaming. Sick of his fussy attitude and even more sick of the idea it was my fault, I decided I wasn't going to pick Dylan up when he began whining without cause. Sure enough, two minutes later he shut his mouth and began looking around the room like there was nothing wrong. HUH? DYLAN STOPPED SCREAMING FOR NO REASON? ON HIS OWN? I looked at him and felt like a fool. What a mean baby! Could my affections and nurturing really be the cause of a grumpy, disgruntled baby? Perhaps too much love and coddling is a bad thing, and by constantly bailing him out when he get's a little mad I am doing him a disservice. 

Drawing the line between loving and spoiling is not easy. When Dylan is upset my first reaction is to make him happy. But he needs to learn that being upset is okay, if he isn't hungry, dirty or hurt, then nothing is really wrong. And being upset or mad isn't going to kill you, so stop screaming like you're gonna die. 

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