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June 11, 2013

I'm Gonna Eat You!

I believe Dylan is trying to test my patience, why else would he wake up at 4am the past two nights in a row? When I realize he's awake I drag myself out of bed fighting through a grog and check on him, only for him to greet me with a huge, silly smile. Really? He doesn't even give me the opportunity to be annoyed because he totally knows how to work it. But because I am adamant about preventing 4am wake-ups from becoming a habit, I don't talk to him (a challenge for me), I don't turn on any lights, I simply give him fifteen minutes to eat and then it's back to bed where he falls back asleep within minutes. Sigh. 

I am going to cut the kid a break considering he has good excuses for waking up at dead time on both days, (i.e. passed out way before bedtime and slept all day because of vaccinations) but I really need him to sleep his full night's sleep tonight. Otherwise, the next time I tickle him and say, "I'm gonna eat you!" I really will.

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