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June 14, 2013

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Yay! It's Friday! Didn't we all work so hard to get here? In addition, it's Father's Day weekend! I am super excited to celebrate my amazing dad, who was always taking my four sisters and I on adventures, showering us with love and telling us scary stories. I'm also excited to celebrate a much deserved very first father's day to my husband, who has turned out to be one helluva dad. 
Tonight I'm going to give Dylan rice cereal for the first time and I hope he makes a really weird face and takes to it well. Last night he woke up screaming and starving at 3am then  proceeded to eat like a psycho. I'm not quite sure how a baby his age eats so much. Before putting him down to sleep he handled 7 ounces on top of the 5-7 ounces he had every couple of hours throughout the day, the equivalent to what a baby more than twice his age drinks. His doctor said we're "stretching his stomach," however Dylan has always been a hungry hippo and that same doctor told us to "give him as much as he wants" when he was first born. I'm really hoping the rice cereal offers him satisfaction and my little big boy can calm the heck down and stop feeling hungry every second of the day. Writing about Dylan makes me so happy it's Friday, I absolutely cannot wait to spend the next few days with my baby!

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