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June 21, 2013

Fit Friday - How DARE You Call Her Fat!

When I hear people scrutinize others for being overweight I transform from a gentle lamb to a bad bitch. If someone has the nerve to talk about how "fat" someone else is then they surely must have never gained any unwanted weight in their life.

You see, when I was pregnant I went from 119lbs to 176. Do you know how big I felt?  Everyone would say, "you don't even look that pregnant" (LIARS! ALL OF THEM!).  Meanwhile, I sat around (obviously) thinking they deserved a slap across both sides of their face from each of my hands because it didn't matter how I looked, I was the biggest I'd ever been and I FELT HUGE. During my massive weight gain I would walk two miles every day, try to eat healthy and argue with my ever complaining doctor that NO, I don't drink soda, NO, I don't drink juice and YES, the scale is right. My body was simply holding onto every calorie that I consumed. What can I say? The hormones were conspiring against me.

Since giving birth I've lost all but 13 pounds of the weight yet my sensitivity has not subsided. (BUT YAY, IT IS POSSIBLE TO LOSE!) Gaining is not fun and it can destroy a person whether or not they are pregnant. In the spirit of Fit Friday, stop worrying/discussing/laughing at a person's weight. We are not familiar nor entitled to understanding the struggles of others so HOW DARE YOU CALL HER FAT! 

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