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June 7, 2013

Finally Friday!

Yay, Friday alas!!! I am excited for this weekend and spending time with my little big boy during our three day fun fest. We have plans to go for our weekend walks and on Sunday we're rewarding ourselves with a bottomless champagne brunch. Dylan's eczema has been flaring up again and it's almost as if his cheek never healed in the first place. He's constantly trying to scratch his face and it is really painful for me to watch. No one likes being itchy, even astronauts have velcro in their helmets so they can itch their nose. All I can do is try to manage the eczema and make the best of a crappy situation. Have I mentioned how happy I am it's FRIDAY? 

On Monday Dylan has a doctor appointment and I'm hoping she gives us the green light for rice cereal. When Dylan starts eating a whole world is going to open up for him. I cant wait to see his reactions to different flavors and waving of the arms when he wants to eat.  It is safe to say that happiness is being Dylan's mom. 

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