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June 27, 2013

Be Happy By Being A Baby

It is going to be one hot, hot day. The forecast says we're pushing 100 degrees and I'm feeling like I should be at the beach. Instead, I'll be in the office where the air conditioner will distract me from how nice it is outside. 

Dylan loves the outdoors. When we go for walks or when we take the dogs out he is awestruck by the trees and sky. Babies are a real trip. Dylan is constantly stimulated by the same surroundings and experiences that I move through without observation. His sense of wonderment causes me to stop and look around at this magical place we call reality and appreciate it like it is the first time. 

Last night the husband and I were watching a show about satellites on PBS which consisted of images of the earth's surface bloating and shifting on a scale so big that we don't realize we're moving as it happens. Color me impressed and fascinated. Before I spiraled into a full-fledged fantasy about the anxiety attack I would have when I traveled into space and saw earth so far below me, I thought how beautiful it would be to see this breathing, mass of a planet from afar. 

There is always something new to learn and if you really want to live a happy life, aspire to see things like a baby.

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