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June 10, 2013

A Big Boy And All

Dylan's eczema was terrible on Saturday. His cheek was oozing, bleeding and he was irritated by it. We did what we could to keep him from scratching himself and tried to make him as happy as possible, and on Sunday we finally saw an improvement. 

Earlier this morning we had a doctor's appointment where we received hardcore proof that Dylan is growing! He weighed in at 17.4 pounds and measured 26 inches, making him heavier and longer than 80 percent of babies his age. I'd tell Dylan to calm down on the growth spurt but he wouldn't listen to me anyway, he loves his food. 

Dylan's doctor inquired about whether he was rolling over during tummy time and with great regret we had to tell her no, he hasn't turned over on his own. Of course when she put him on his stomach to check out his development it took five seconds for him to turn over. WHAT!?!?! DYLAN FINALLY ROLLED OVER!!! The fact I witnessed him rolling over for the first time sent me over the moon and I was even happier that his dad was there to see it too. Dylan is the best baby and I'm ecstatic for the next couple of months where we explore rice cereal and playtime on whole new levels. Though I am bound to repeat this dozens of times, my little big boy is growing up.

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