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June 28, 2013


ME AS A BABY ---------------------------------------------------------------- DYLAN BEING A BABY

June 27, 2013

Be Happy By Being A Baby

It is going to be one hot, hot day. The forecast says we're pushing 100 degrees and I'm feeling like I should be at the beach. Instead, I'll be in the office where the air conditioner will distract me from how nice it is outside. 

Dylan loves the outdoors. When we go for walks or when we take the dogs out he is awestruck by the trees and sky. Babies are a real trip. Dylan is constantly stimulated by the same surroundings and experiences that I move through without observation. His sense of wonderment causes me to stop and look around at this magical place we call reality and appreciate it like it is the first time. 

Last night the husband and I were watching a show about satellites on PBS which consisted of images of the earth's surface bloating and shifting on a scale so big that we don't realize we're moving as it happens. Color me impressed and fascinated. Before I spiraled into a full-fledged fantasy about the anxiety attack I would have when I traveled into space and saw earth so far below me, I thought how beautiful it would be to see this breathing, mass of a planet from afar. 

There is always something new to learn and if you really want to live a happy life, aspire to see things like a baby.

June 26, 2013

The Best Day Of My Life Was 141 Days Ago

The first time I laid eyes on my slimy little big boy.
Labor: 21 hours
Paid Meds: Yes, epidural for 7 hours
Pain 1 - 10: off the charts
Due Date: 9 days late
Verdict: Best day of my life


Dylan is driving me crazy. This is day two of waking up in the wee hours of the morning to feed a starving, demanding, screaming baby. It is also day two of oversleeping by thirty minutes. Thank the sweet universe for giving me such a gem of a husband because if it weren't for him, I wouldn't have cantaloupe, a sandwich and a slice of cake to eat for lunch today. Zepeda really knows how to help me out when I need it without me having to ask. His thoughtful nature is one of the first qualities I loved about him. We make a great team.

I'm not sure what Dylan's problem is but I'm going to try and let him self sooth if wakes up again tonight. HAHA- YEAH RIGHT. Like it's that easy for me to let Dylan scream himself to sleep. What I'm really trying to say is HELP! I HAVE A FEROCIOUSLY HUNGRY BABY THAT WONT STOP EATING! We've been adding rice cereal to his 7 ounce goodnight bottle before putting him down at 8:30 pm but it isn't enough for the little big boy. Any recommendations as to what I can do for a good baby gone bad?

June 25, 2013


Dylan woke up at three in the morning last night and as a result I woke up late for work. I rushed out of the house and I forgot to bring the bottles and whatnot so that I could pump on my lunch break. Before I put Dylan to bed yesterday I told him to wake me up if he had a dirty diaper but if he was hungry, to go back to bed. He is not a very good listener because he was exclusively hungry when he screamed cries of death this a.m. I have dozens of emails and urgent requests at work and my computer screen's resolution was crazy big for some reason. I feel completely off balance this morning

I am rebooting my brain right now and will check back in later. BEEP

June 21, 2013

Fit Friday - How DARE You Call Her Fat!

When I hear people scrutinize others for being overweight I transform from a gentle lamb to a bad bitch. If someone has the nerve to talk about how "fat" someone else is then they surely must have never gained any unwanted weight in their life.

You see, when I was pregnant I went from 119lbs to 176. Do you know how big I felt?  Everyone would say, "you don't even look that pregnant" (LIARS! ALL OF THEM!).  Meanwhile, I sat around (obviously) thinking they deserved a slap across both sides of their face from each of my hands because it didn't matter how I looked, I was the biggest I'd ever been and I FELT HUGE. During my massive weight gain I would walk two miles every day, try to eat healthy and argue with my ever complaining doctor that NO, I don't drink soda, NO, I don't drink juice and YES, the scale is right. My body was simply holding onto every calorie that I consumed. What can I say? The hormones were conspiring against me.

Since giving birth I've lost all but 13 pounds of the weight yet my sensitivity has not subsided. (BUT YAY, IT IS POSSIBLE TO LOSE!) Gaining is not fun and it can destroy a person whether or not they are pregnant. In the spirit of Fit Friday, stop worrying/discussing/laughing at a person's weight. We are not familiar nor entitled to understanding the struggles of others so HOW DARE YOU CALL HER FAT! 

June 20, 2013

Dylan Likes To Pump It Up

Graduation Fail

Dylan hates loud sounds. I can tell because if a noise is loud enough he'll make the cutest puppy dog face before screaming for his life. Last night we attended cousin Stephanie's high school graduation (GO STEPH!!). For the first hour all was good and Dylan was being a great little boy, but suddenly a graduate's name was called that caused a loud group behind us to scream and shout, startling Dylan into a cry frenzy that he couldn't get out of. Needless to say, we had to leave early (which wasn't very fun). 

But what are you supposed to do when you have a fussy, crying baby? Do you ignore the baby and pretend as if he isn't disturbing everyone for the sake of staying at the event, or do you remove yourself from the situation so that the people around you can enjoy themselves? 

This type of stress reminds me that parenting isn't the most glamorous gig. But when Dylan woke up this morning with a giant smile as he wore a "Wild About Mommy" onesie, all my worries melted away. In that moment I finally understood those bumper stickers I'd seen hundreds of times: Happiness is being Dylan's mommy. As I stared at him feeling warm and fuzzy all over, he proceeded to kill the moment with lethal gas. What a silly, stinky baby.

June 19, 2013


Zepeda's (husband) birthday is in mid-July and we've both put in vacation requests from work so we can go to Las Vegas. Neither of us think we can be away from Dylan for a day, let alone three, so we've recruited my mom to come along and watch him at night while we do what adults in Vegas do (party hard). Is this crazy? 

Before Dylan was born Zepeda and had a lot of different opinions on what we would and would not do with a baby under a year old. I was adamant that my life wasn't over and that we would go on trips with Dylan regardless of his age. Zepeda said absolutely not, we would not travel with a baby anywhere as it is a hassle. So we did what any rational couple does- we made a bet for $100. I'm not quite sure if he remembers we made this bet, but thankfully we solidified the terms in an email exchange on September 18, 2012....and I cant wait to collect.

Baby in Vegas, Baby!

June 18, 2013

My Happy Bully

Dylan is getting so big and fun. He cant sit up on his own yet but he makes it known that he wants to stand up and run around. My little big boy is laughing, squealing and bullying me. I noticed several mysterious bruises on my right arm not knowing where I got them until I changed Dylan's diaper and realized he was pinching me each time he had the chance. My little grabby pants is quite mean! Over the weekend we gave him rice cereal for the first time and I must say that I underestimated the mess involved in spoon feeding a baby. Dylan was very open to trying the new substance but wasn't sure how it worked. The second time around he was much better at it and was waving his arms up and down with his mouth opened demanding more. I can tell he's going to be a good eater like me.  

June 14, 2013

Out to dinner

I can't resist this baby

Happy Friday Ya'll!

Yay! It's Friday! Didn't we all work so hard to get here? In addition, it's Father's Day weekend! I am super excited to celebrate my amazing dad, who was always taking my four sisters and I on adventures, showering us with love and telling us scary stories. I'm also excited to celebrate a much deserved very first father's day to my husband, who has turned out to be one helluva dad. 
Tonight I'm going to give Dylan rice cereal for the first time and I hope he makes a really weird face and takes to it well. Last night he woke up screaming and starving at 3am then  proceeded to eat like a psycho. I'm not quite sure how a baby his age eats so much. Before putting him down to sleep he handled 7 ounces on top of the 5-7 ounces he had every couple of hours throughout the day, the equivalent to what a baby more than twice his age drinks. His doctor said we're "stretching his stomach," however Dylan has always been a hungry hippo and that same doctor told us to "give him as much as he wants" when he was first born. I'm really hoping the rice cereal offers him satisfaction and my little big boy can calm the heck down and stop feeling hungry every second of the day. Writing about Dylan makes me so happy it's Friday, I absolutely cannot wait to spend the next few days with my baby!

June 13, 2013

17lbs...But He's Still My Baby

I accidentally woke up forty minutes past my alarm yet somehow still made it to work on time. I'm feeling a little luckier than I normally do and I'm tempted to play the lotto. Dylan was extra cute yesterday when I picked him up from my mom's house and his pleasant attitude carried over to this morning. Even though I was super stressed about having lost precious time by waking up so late, seeing his happy face calmed me down. Dylan has no idea of the impact he can have on me and it makes me nervous for fifteen years from now when he wants to start driving and being a mean teen. For now I'll bask in his happy, curious demeanor while he is still my little big boy that I can carry in my arms.

June 12, 2013

What a 4 Month Old Baby Taught Me

I am happy to report that Dylan slept through the night yesterday. Perhaps I was a little hyper paranoid in thinking he was falling out of sync with his routine we worked so hard to form. Dylan is always putting things in perspective for me. Over the past four months he has taught me a lot of lessons and reminded me of some I have forgotten. Here are a few:
  • GOTTA START SOMEWHERE. Dylan didn't come into this world gripping things, seeing things, standing or even rolling over. He worked really hard and grew a lot to get to where he is right now and isn't bothered that there's still a lot of growing left to do. As an adult I am quite instantaneous, tending to want things when I want them. Dylan has reminded me that Hey! We gotta start somewhere.
  • AIN'T NO SHAME. Oh how mortified I was when Dylan took a massive, bubbly fart while we were shopping in the produce section of the grocery store. In horror I thought, "I hope that guy doesn't think it was me!" (Yes, it was that loud.) But Dylan had a huge smile and it reminded me that Hey! Shit happens (literally), and though  embarrassing things do take place, a smile looks better than shame.
  • WHEN YOU'RE TIRED, SLEEP! Dylan doesn't care if we're going to Babies 'R Us to buy him a toy, nor does he care if we're at an outing specifically tailored to taking photos of him. If the boy is tired, he's going to sleep. If you don't let him sleep, his fussy attitude will make you regret it. And you know what? I'm the same way. With all the responsibilities that come along with being an adult, the errands, the dinner, the cleaning, the job, I get a little burnt out. Dylan has taught me that we all need a little guilt free rest, otherwise I'll get fussy too. 

Dylan has taught me that being the parent doesn't make me the only teacher; we are all learning from each other if you're open to the lesson. 

Here's a cute video of Dylan rolling over for the third time. Or as I call it, stop, drop and roll.

June 11, 2013

I'm Gonna Eat You!

I believe Dylan is trying to test my patience, why else would he wake up at 4am the past two nights in a row? When I realize he's awake I drag myself out of bed fighting through a grog and check on him, only for him to greet me with a huge, silly smile. Really? He doesn't even give me the opportunity to be annoyed because he totally knows how to work it. But because I am adamant about preventing 4am wake-ups from becoming a habit, I don't talk to him (a challenge for me), I don't turn on any lights, I simply give him fifteen minutes to eat and then it's back to bed where he falls back asleep within minutes. Sigh. 

I am going to cut the kid a break considering he has good excuses for waking up at dead time on both days, (i.e. passed out way before bedtime and slept all day because of vaccinations) but I really need him to sleep his full night's sleep tonight. Otherwise, the next time I tickle him and say, "I'm gonna eat you!" I really will.

June 10, 2013

True Love

We were smiling at the ducks and geese wandering around 

A Big Boy And All

Dylan's eczema was terrible on Saturday. His cheek was oozing, bleeding and he was irritated by it. We did what we could to keep him from scratching himself and tried to make him as happy as possible, and on Sunday we finally saw an improvement. 

Earlier this morning we had a doctor's appointment where we received hardcore proof that Dylan is growing! He weighed in at 17.4 pounds and measured 26 inches, making him heavier and longer than 80 percent of babies his age. I'd tell Dylan to calm down on the growth spurt but he wouldn't listen to me anyway, he loves his food. 

Dylan's doctor inquired about whether he was rolling over during tummy time and with great regret we had to tell her no, he hasn't turned over on his own. Of course when she put him on his stomach to check out his development it took five seconds for him to turn over. WHAT!?!?! DYLAN FINALLY ROLLED OVER!!! The fact I witnessed him rolling over for the first time sent me over the moon and I was even happier that his dad was there to see it too. Dylan is the best baby and I'm ecstatic for the next couple of months where we explore rice cereal and playtime on whole new levels. Though I am bound to repeat this dozens of times, my little big boy is growing up.

June 7, 2013

Liebster Award

Thanks to Natasha for nominating me for a Liebster award! You can check out her blog at, Epic Mommy Adventures.
 So what is the Liebster award? This award is given to blogs with less than 200 followers, and there are certain criteria that much be met in order to continue sharing this award with other bloggers. Its sort of a fun chain letter that helps bloggers connect, discover new blogs and support one another because blogging is tough business.

For some quick and easy rules about the Liebster Blog Award, read below:

  1. Ain't no such thing as too spicy for me!
  2. When I'm not writing or being a mom, I'm a legal assistant.
  3. My mom is a German citizen and I qualify for dual citizenship.
  4. My favorite television show is Suits.
  5. I've owned three nissan maxima's.
  6. I have had every hair color imaginable, including red and pink.
  7. I am a huge Los Angeles Lakers fan, don't even talk to me about this past season.
  8. Both my dogs have german names.
  9. My husband and I have two matching tattoos.
  10. When I was 4 I found the golden egg...I still have "Ducky," the stuffed animal I won. 
  11. I always lie about my height.
Jennifer, The Deliberate Mom - cant get enough of her
Camille, A Sorta Fairytale, a real sweetie
Kae James, a sassy, strong woman
Amy, Sews n Bows, super creative chick
I'd also like to nominate the person that nominated me, Kae...if that's cool, lol. I just adore her!


1. If you could be an animal, what would you be?
      - A vulture, is that weird?

Finally Friday!

Yay, Friday alas!!! I am excited for this weekend and spending time with my little big boy during our three day fun fest. We have plans to go for our weekend walks and on Sunday we're rewarding ourselves with a bottomless champagne brunch. Dylan's eczema has been flaring up again and it's almost as if his cheek never healed in the first place. He's constantly trying to scratch his face and it is really painful for me to watch. No one likes being itchy, even astronauts have velcro in their helmets so they can itch their nose. All I can do is try to manage the eczema and make the best of a crappy situation. Have I mentioned how happy I am it's FRIDAY? 

On Monday Dylan has a doctor appointment and I'm hoping she gives us the green light for rice cereal. When Dylan starts eating a whole world is going to open up for him. I cant wait to see his reactions to different flavors and waving of the arms when he wants to eat.  It is safe to say that happiness is being Dylan's mom. 

June 6, 2013

Time is Constant

Yesterday was Dylan's four month mark. Although much has changed and he has grown tons since his birth, the magnitude of it all didn't click until I looked back at a picture of him in his Mamaroo swing. Funny how powerful images can be. I cant stop time nor would I want to, I relish in the present and take each moment in knowing that change is constant. I already have a million and three memories of him and by keeping a blog I'll have a better chance of remembering a few of them. Today I encourage everyone to look around, enjoy your life, and appreciate how far we've all come. It's not just the babies that are growing up, we are too. 

June 5, 2013

Real Deal Smarty Pants

Dylan is getting too clever. I've noticed over the past few days when I open the door to his room he immediately looks toward the entryway anticipating a presence. Dylan is no longer a potato head, he recognizes patterns and those patterns are shaping his behavior. It's more important now than ever to let him explore the world around him and stimulate his little big boy brain. 

Over the weekend I bought him a crib mirror in the shape of a monkey. Dylan is placed in the middle of the mattress but by the time I check up on him he's completely scotched to the end of the crib where the monkey mirror is, hitting, grabbing and trying to eat it. It is so fun to sit back and spy on Dylan when he's playing to see how he acts and reacts to his surroundings. I got some color and shape flashcards for him and although my husband thinks I am crazy, it's my belief that you can't get started teaching a baby soon enough! He's obviously interested in everything around him, so why not fill playtime with learning?

June 4, 2013

Wakey Wakey

This is the silly smile I get when Dylan wakes up at 5 in the morning, an hour earlier than normal. Dylan knows I have to wake up extra early to pump, prepare his stuff and get myself ready for work but he felt playful and demanded my attention. I was running a little behind schedule but with a face like that- there's no inconvenience.


June 3, 2013

Manipulating Me

This past weekend was a little crazy. Dylan was grumpy both Saturday and Sunday and I didn't know how to handle it. Zepeda (husband) says his wild, fussy, tantrum screams are my fault and a direct result of my babying tactics. Initially, I thought Zepeda's accusations were ridiculous, but then Dylan manipulated me.

Dylan cant turn over on his own, yet he insists he should be able to stand up at all times (which requires my assistance). I fully support his ambitions and I constantly place him on my lap so he can stand up. Unfortunately, this has become an issue because he NEVER wants to lay down, to the extent his "favorite" playmat has become torturous. Instead of playing, he starts screaming. Sick of his fussy attitude and even more sick of the idea it was my fault, I decided I wasn't going to pick Dylan up when he began whining without cause. Sure enough, two minutes later he shut his mouth and began looking around the room like there was nothing wrong. HUH? DYLAN STOPPED SCREAMING FOR NO REASON? ON HIS OWN? I looked at him and felt like a fool. What a mean baby! Could my affections and nurturing really be the cause of a grumpy, disgruntled baby? Perhaps too much love and coddling is a bad thing, and by constantly bailing him out when he get's a little mad I am doing him a disservice. 

Drawing the line between loving and spoiling is not easy. When Dylan is upset my first reaction is to make him happy. But he needs to learn that being upset is okay, if he isn't hungry, dirty or hurt, then nothing is really wrong. And being upset or mad isn't going to kill you, so stop screaming like you're gonna die.