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May 16, 2013

Tummy Time: Turn Over Already!

As Dylan neared the three month old mark I knew the day I would return to work was fast approaching, yet there was so much I still wanted to do with Dylan before I was a full-time employee. High on my list of to-do's was witnessing him turn-over by himself for the first time. Of course when your son thinks tummy time is an opportunity to play dead, the chances are slim to none.  I've been back at work for three weeks and though he's gotten a lot better at picking his head up, he hasn't turned over on his own. So each day when I'm home from picking Dylan up from Oma's house, I put him down on his ever protruding belly in hopes of reaching that milestone. 

Yesterday's tummy time resulted in a lot of farting, kicking and complaining and I thought, hmph, he must be lazy like his mommy or stubborn like his daddy. But as he struggled away I had a realization: I don’t need to force the issue. Dylan will flip when he is good and ready. As long as he’s healthy and making progress, what difference does it make if I am the first one to see him flip? Yet still with that being said, TURN OVER ALREADY! Love, Mommy

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