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May 18, 2013

Meanest Baby In The World

Babies can be so annoying. Thanks to little chubs, the days of sleeping in on a Saturday morning are OVER. They are so over that I don't remember what sleeping in feels like, I only recall that it was amazing. The upside to waking up between five and seven in the morning is I get a head start on the day and can add in bonus activities. For instance, we now have a Saturday tradition of family walks around Rancho Santa Margarita's lake after breakfast. My favorite part of the walk is when we pass Starbucks and reward ourselves with a treat. (Like our dogs on the walk, I am highly motivated by treats.) Today we decided to step up our walking game because 90 year olds with limping, senior canines were running circles around us. Four miles later I'm zonked and ready to take a nap like Dylan is but noooo. Dylan wakes up at the precise moment that I am nodding off. I'm pretty sure he is the meanest baby in the world. You know he actually makes me push him in a stroller the entire way as if he's some sort of little prince? You're three months old, step it up baby! xox, your mean mommy

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