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May 23, 2013

Oma's Doll, My Baby

Dylan had too much fun yesterday during daddy daycare. So much fun that Dylan didn't have any interest in me when I came home from work and was all smiles for dad. He was cooing, singing, screeching and hollering at daddy while he glazed over me and my affections. It was quite rude and I am quite jealous. Today, Dylan's at Oma's house and she is a whole different kind of fun for him. 

Throughout the day I will receive pictures of Dylan in different poses with various odd props. Oma, (my mom), is a very funny person. When I was a kid she would take pictures of our weiner dog puppies sandwiched in hotdog buns. When Dylan was born, she insisted we dress him in a different costume for every holiday and make a calendar. For the month of May she requested a mustache, tequilla bottle and sombrero in celebration of Cinco De Mayo. Though I think it's ridiculously cheesy, I got to admit- I love these silly pictures and I love that when he's older he will be blaming Oma, not me.

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