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May 28, 2013

My Big Underachieving Baby

Memorial day weekend was a success. With the extra day off we were able to accomplish everything we wanted to- like walking 11 miles, visiting family and spending precious time with our ever growing little big boy. Mommy even drank some beer! 

Over the weekend I noticed Dylan becoming extremely vocal. Yesterday during our RSM Lake walk Dylan was talking to himself for an hour as I pushed him in the stroller. And on Sunday he had a lengthy conversation with Grandma as we were gathering our stuff to leave. I am loving his little baby babble and I'm becoming a great translator. I'm fairly certain he's saying "i love you mom, you're the best" each time he talks.

While at Grandma's house Dylan was held by his Tia Cheri, who was also holding her eight month old baby girl (my niece Lily) and they were practically the same size. Lily makes Dylan look like an underachiever. He simply cannot do half the things Lily can, such as sit up on his own or turn over. Lily moves smoothly and confidently, Dylan falls over while trying his best. I realize he's half her age but if he isn't ready to hold his own weight, he has no business being as big as a baby twice his age.Just sayin'!!!

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