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May 31, 2013

Leave My Dylan Alone!

I am so happy it's Friday! I'm especially looking forward to this weekend because I'll have three days on Dylan watch to ensure his eczema takes a chill pill. I know there isn't much I can do about his little red rashy cheek but being with him puts my mind at ease despite the fact he's in good hands all day when he's with my mom. Yesterday I put a mitten on his right hand to keep him from scratching his face and I was surprised the mitten didn't bother him. But this morning when I went to check on him he had wiggled out of the mitten  and wiggled to the edge of his mattress. He laughed at me as I picked up his hand to put it back on. I keep hoping that when I wake up in the morning his face will be healed but it hasn't yet. I truly feel for all those parents whose children have allergies, skin or any health problems because worrying about your baby is a pain in the arse. GO AWAY ECZEMA! LEAVE MY DYLAN ALONE!

In other news, I found a pair of sneakers for Dylan that also happen to be available in my size. Is it weird to have matching shoes with my son? ....what has become of me?!

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