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May 17, 2013

My Little Big Boy

In my last post I talked about Dylan not being able to turn over on his back yet, so to be fair, today I'm going to talk about some thing Dylan did do. 

Dylan slept for nine hours last night and woke up super hungry (of course he was, this kid has been drinking 5-7 ounces in a single sitting since he was 2 weeks old...he's ALWAYS "super" hungry). After I changed his diaper and sat him down to feed him he waved his arms in excitement upon spotting his best friend (the bottle) and reached out his hands to hold it, something he has been doing for a few weeks. His hands mostly get in the way when I'm trying to feed him, as he isn't able to actually hold the bottle and he usually ends up knocking it right out of his mouth. But this morning something must've clicked in his little big boy brain because WALLAH! He figured out how to hold the bottle. Color me impressed, I shouted at Zepeda (husband) to "hurry up and take the picture!" because at any point Dylan could have dropped it. BUT HE DIDN'T! Dylan held his bottle for a couple of golden minutes. WHAT A LITTLE BIG BOY.  love you honey! -your proud mommy

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