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May 21, 2013

Dirty Little Rascal

Dylan sleeps a solid 9-10 hours each night. I credit his fantastic sleep pattern to our nightly routine: bath, massage, bottle, swaddle, sleep. But last night Dylan had his own idea of how we should do things. Mid-feeding, Dylan took a massive, nuclear poop. I didn't want to disrupt sleep mode so I left the light off when I took him to his room to change him; I now consider this mistake number one. As I finished cleaning him off and was about to put him in a fresh diaper, he decided to tinkle all over himself. I didn't know the severity of the situation because there was no light, so I called for backup and the husband switched it on. That's when I saw Dylan smiling away with a "look what I did" face, proud of the fact he was completely covered in his own urine. He thinks he's so funny. I wiped him down, changed his outfit and tried to get him back into dream land as he finished the bottle. Well, he ended up going to bed later than usual and because of it, I didn't get to see him this morning before I left for work. I'll miss your dirty little butt all day Dylan! Love, mommy

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